Does my pet NEED to be groomed? Can't I just bathe him at home?

All pets need to be groomed, not just long haired ones! Most people think of "grooming" as something that only Poodles and other long haired breeds need. Grooming is far more than clipping- even short haired dogs need general grooming -which includes a thorough brushing, bathing, blow drying, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Breeds that require clipping or trimming can be done to standard breed patterns, or to your own personal preference. Prices will vary, based on breed, size, coat condition, and how well the pet cooperates with the process.

Getting your pet groomed not only makes him look better, but FEEL better! It also is a huge help with the thing most pet owners find the most annoying about their pets - SHEDDING! Regular professional grooming can help reduce shedding and dry skin, matting and "hot spots", and of course, "doggy odor"!!

We recommend getting most pets groomed on a 4-8 week schedule, depending on the breed and coat condition. It is important not to let your pet's coat get matted- this can cause skin problems and unnecessary discomfort for your pet, and also require a more lengthy (and costly!) grooming session in the long run. Our groomer can help you decide what is the best schedule for your pet.

Grooming Appointments

Grooming can be scheduled any weekday, by appointment. We ask that your pet be dropped off between 8:30 and 11 am, and picked up sometime between 3 and 5 pm (exact times will vary- we can tell you more when you call).

Although the actual grooming doesn't take that long, most pets are more comfortable if we don't need to work on them continuously- therefore, we will work on one pet for a while, and while it is in the drying cage, work on another pet- that way, they get a little break. We also like to be sure pets are completely dried- skin problems can result from incomplete drying, especially in long or thick coated pets. We can usually accommodate any reasonable requests to have pets done at a specific time (during business hours), if arrangements are made in advance.

Pets can also be groomed during their boarding stay- If we groom your pet on the last day of his visit he will be fresh and clean when he returns home. Therefore, if your dog is being groomed it is important that we know exactly WHEN you plan to return . We can usually groom your pet the afternoon before you plan to return if you need to pick him up first thing in the morning.

If you schedule your pet for grooming during a boarding visit, and then return ahead of schedule, he will not have been groomed yet. Unless we have been given adequate notice (at least a day) to reschedule or cancel the grooming, we will have to charge a $20 cancellation fee. This also applies to regular appointments who don't show up at all, or cancel at the last minute. We regret having to adopt this policy, but it was the only way to insure that grooming appointments are available for clients who will keep them.

All grooming is done by our professional groomer, who has experience grooming pets of all breeds and mixes. With years of experience, we do an excellent job and are proud of our work! We NEVER use sedatives or tranquilizers of any kind. We use natural shampoos and conditioners, so your pet is not exposed to harmful chemicals or dips.