Dog Boarding

We offer three different sizes of kennel runs to comfortably accommodate dogs of all sizes and activity levels---from the smallest Toy Poodle to the largest Great Dane, and everything in between. We can board more than one dog from the same household in a run together, but for their own safety, we will NOT board dogs from different households together unless requested by both owners. We cannot guarantee your pet to be in any particular run while visiting--but we do try. Our goal is to strive for him or her to be happy and comfortable in whichever run he/she gets.

Although not necessary, we allow bedding, but it must be completely washable, like a blanket or comforter. For sanitary reasons, NO CEDAR BEDS OR PILLOWS please!

We prefer that you don't bring doggie toys from home to go in the run with your dog, but if you feel compelled, please keep this to a minimum. Our experience has proven it over and over again, that most toys don't get any attention while your pet is here. There is way too much going on between their contact with our personnel and the interaction between the dogs themselves, for toys to be of much interest. Aside from that, we clean the runs with a hose, so any toys that are outside stand a good chance of either being washed away or just getting soiled enough for your dog not to have any interest at all.

Please realize we will do our best to return all items that you bring, but please do not bring anything irreplaceable. Please be sure your pet's name is clearly marked on all belongings.

We offer GROOMING, for an additional charge, if you would like your pet to be fresh and clean when he/she goes home. Please see our grooming page for details.


At Cowen's Pet Resort, we realize that all pets do not do well on the same diet. Therefore, we allow you to choose what is best for your pet - you can either bring your own food from home, or we will feed ours. There is, however, an additional charge for preparing and serving your food. We feed the Diamond brand-HIGH Energy Chicken once daily, which is a complete and balanced diet for all dog breeds with all nutritional needs. We have a microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, so if your pet is on a homemade or special diet, we can provide this as well--just bring everything he needs, and directions for preparation. If bringing food from home, we require it in 'per meal' portions, in zip lock bags, with your pet's name clearly written on each bag. We don't want to make any mistakes and are adamant that everything is prepared and labeled correctly.


Medications, vitamins, and supplements are given as part of your pet's care, at a minimal charge. Our staff is experienced in administering medication.  (We do require prior veterinary clearance for diabetics and other pets with serious conditions). Please bring all medications in their original containers, and CLEARLY marked with your pet's name and directions, to avoid any confusion.


Please bring your pet's vaccination records with you- we CANNOT accept him/her without them! Check carefully to be sure he/she has ALL of the vaccinations we require - do not assume that because you get his yearly "boosters" that you have all the ones we need! The three that we need are listed below.

*** Distemper/parvo combination (DHPP) - Annual booster w/Lepto
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) - 6 month booster

Note: We do understand that some pets may be allergic to certain vaccines, or that you may be using a "holistic" type program of limited vaccinations, and We do make special considerations for these pets. We accept the "due" date as written on your copy of the vet's records.

If you administer your own vaccines, you must keep and bring us proof such as the packaging and receipt of the purchase.

For allergic pets, we require a written statement from your veterinarian explaining why this particular vaccination was not given, dated within one year of the boarding stay (all other vaccinations must be current).

For pets who are on the limited vaccination program, we will accept yearly titers instead of vaccinations - again, these must be accompanied by a statement from the veterinarian overseeing your pet's care, and copies of the titer levels for each vaccine.

In either case, we also require you to sign a statement that your pet has not been around any other animals for ten days prior to boarding, and that the resort is NOT liable for any illnesses caused by lack of these vaccinations.

Waivers CANNOT be given in place of Rabies vaccination- this is a STATE law.

Boarding Rates

(Priced on a per night basis)

Dogs: $18.00 per dog 

Note: $2.00 per day extra for preparing and feeding your own food or feeding our food twice a day.


Below are some pictures of our dog runs. There are three different sizes. We refer to them as SMALL, LARGE, AND GIANT runs. Click on a picture below to enlarge it and please be patient if your connection is marginal. Thanks.


Welcome to Cowen's Pet Resort...For Loving Care When You're Not There!

Our SMALL dog runs are indoor/outdoor.  The structure is a strip in design with 16 runs on each side.  There is electricity in each run for heated floor plates during the the winter months, and a cooler on the roof for the summer.  There is also a misting system with every run having its own mister.

This is the back side of our SMALL dog runs.    Each dog is in a run that is about 16' x 6' with about 25% dedicated to being indoors.  The dogs are fed and sleep inside, but can go outside at their leisure!

Here is another shot of the same SMALL dog structure, but from another angle.  Our property is just shy of 3 acres, with a fair amount of it dedicated to grass.

A closer look at one of our SMALL runs

Here is one more shot of the SMALL runs

This is a shot of our LARGE dog runs.  They are also in two rows with 26 runs on each side.  All of our runs have solid roofs over them, and as you may be able to see in this and/or subsequent pictures, there are numerous trees offering cool shade, without blocking the very pleasant breezes that come from the northwest.  Again, there is a misting system with each run having its own mister.

Here is another shot of the LARGE dog runs taken from the north.  You can see the huge black walnut tree on the west (far) side.

Another pic of the LARGE runs

And one more...

One more shot, this one closer showing a LARGE dog run.

We also have 8 runs that we refer to as GIANT.  They are 10' x 20' making them large enough for the largest of dogs.  We try to save these runs for multiple dogs (from the same family) as there is more room for them to run around.  Note, this being an older pic, the 50 gallon barrels on the left have since been replaced with double walled insulated dog houses.

Here is a shot of all eight of the GIANT runs from the east. 

Here is a straight on shot of one of these GIANT runs.  Shown are 2 boarders, with room to roam. Note the two insulated dog houses in the rear of the run.