Cat Boarding

Our cat runs are amongst the largest in Kern County, if not the largest. We actually have 2 structures, each with 12 cat runs in them. They are 5' x 9' and over 7' tall, and you can actually step inside and walk around in them. There is an appropriate sized barrel, turned on its side and mounted off the ground, closed off on one end with the other end open for the cats to go inside should they desire to be turned off to the world. Otherwise, they have a platform about 4' above the ground where they can perch themselves so as to see all that is going on...and there is plenty. Directly adjacent to the cat runs is a fenced in yard with ducks, geese, chickens and peacocks. There is always some kind of activity going on with these birds whether it be chattering, laying eggs, or just simply taking a bath. We refer to our cat runs as "A room with a view!"


At Cowen's Pet Resort, we realize that high quality food is an absolute necessity and so we serve Purina Cat Chow as our standard menu. This product has been around for some time now and has proven itself to be amongst the best foods available. We have a microwave, refrigerator, and freezer, so if your pet is on a homemade or special diet, we can provide this as well- just bring everything he/she needs, and directions for preparation.


Please bring your pet's vaccination records with you- we CANNOT accept him/her without them! Check carefully to be sure he/she has ALL of the vaccinations we require - do not assume that because you get the yearly "boosters" that you have the ones we need!


Note: We do understand that some pets may be allergic to certain vaccines, or that you may be using a "holistic" type program of limited vaccinations, and We do make special considerations for these pets. We accept the "due" date as written on your copy of the vet's records.

For allergic pets, we require a written statement from your veterinarian explaining why this particular vaccination was not given, dated within one year of the boarding stay (all other vaccinations must be current).

For pets who are on the limited vaccination program, we will accept yearly titers instead of vaccinations - again, these must be accompanied by a statement from the veterinarian overseeing your pet's care, and copies of the titer levels for each vaccine.

In either case, we also require you to sign a statement that your pet has not been around any other animals for ten days prior to boarding, and that the resort is NOT liable for any illnesses caused by lack of these vaccinations.

Boarding Rates

(Priced on a per night basis)

Cats: $12.00 per cat


Here is a picture of our cat runs.  There are 12 of them.

A slightly closer view.  Notice that, although they are considered outdoors, there are solid walls on both ends, with cinderblock walls at the bottom of each run, and a large roof with large overhangs all the way around.  Trees actually shade the roof, adding to keeping their quarters cool in the summer and quite dry in the winter.  A misting system is also in place for exceptionally hot days.
Here is a closer view, showing two adjacent runs.  Notice the cats are up on a perch, relaxing!

A closer shot, showing a single run.  If you look carefully, you can see the blue feathers of one of our four peacocks in the background.
A close up of the sleeping quarters for your cat, should he or she want to be absolutely alone!