We are a boarding facility and cattery located in beautiful Bakersfield, CA. We serve clients from not only the Bakersfield area, but from all over southern California.

There is no reason boarding has to be a traumatic event for your pet. With caring, knowledgeable attention from our experienced staff, most pets learn to not just tolerate, but ENJOY their boarding stays with us.

At Cowen's Pet Resort, we don't just "kennel" your pets - we provide them with a quality, loving, and stimulating environment- which is why we refer to it as a "guilt free" facility. We talk to them...just as you do at home. We play with them, and treat them as the cherished friends that they are. We realize that each pet is affected differently by their separation from their family, and try to adjust things so they are as comfortable as possible during their stay. We provide more than just the necessities of food, water, and shelter. We try to get to "know" your pet, so we can make him as happy as he can be without his family around. We care for the animal's well-being, not just their basic survival needs. In other words, we treat your pet like it is one of our own.

We pride ourselves in a well-kept, clean facility, and encourage those interested in boarding their pet to come at any time during our business hours to tour the facility in person.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope to meet you and your pet soon!